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  • Today, I was wearing a floor length skirt. There's this fantastic girl in my 3rd grade class who is Egyptian, and wears a hijab and a long skirt everyday. There are a few other Muslim kids, but most of the girls don't dress like that. She is the only one in her class who wears it every day.
  • Girl: I like your skirt!
  • Me: Thank you!
  • Girl: I'm surprised that you are wearing a long skirt.
  • Me: ... Why?
  • Girl: Because you are cool. And long skirts are weird. The other kids call me weird for wearing a long skirt every day.
  • Me: I don't think long skirts are weird. I think they are cool. And pretty. And fancy.
  • Girl: (turns to the class and yells) EVERYBODY! I'M NOT WEIRD, I'M FANCY!
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